The More You Know.

Do you cancel for weather?

   - We show rain or shine, as long as we have power and customers

What are your prices?

    - Single feature - $8 per person 13 and over, 12 and under are $4 if the movie is rated G. 

    - Triple feature - $10 per person 13 and over

What are your showtimes?

   - Our approximate showtimes are updated weekly as we are dependent on when it is dark enough. Times can be found under the Movie Listings tab.

How do you connect to sound?

   - We were one of the first Drive-in theatres to offer FM sound. Tune in to 88.5 FM for broadcast signal. Don't have a working radio? People often have outdoor speakers for watching from the back of their car, making sound travel well. Unfortunately, we don't offer app support for sound, as there would be too much lag between the sound and the movie picture

Do you take debit or credit?

   - To keep costs affordable for you, we operate through cash only. 

Do you allow pets?

    - We believe the Drive-in is the perfect place for families, and yes, that includes the furry members too. We just ask that your furry companions are leashed and cleaned up after. 

What can we do while we wait for the movie to start?

    - Bring along a frisbee or ball glove and take advantage of our green space to burn some energy before heading to the concession for snacks.

Can we bring our own snacks?

    - We ask for no outside food and drinks as we rely on our concession to keep us here. We also strive to keep costs affordable and stocked with a wide variety of food choices.

Where's the best spot to park?

    - There's not a bad spot in the lot! We have small hills that mark each row. Park your front tires at the top of the hill, and you'll be pointed right at the screen.

What if I can't shut off my lights or my battery dies?

   - Visit our concession staff and they  will give you a hand.